Top Takeaways from the First-Ever Lever Customer Town Hall

Employ recently held its first-ever Lever Customer Town Hall. Hosted by Katie Ballantyne, VP, Customer Success Operations, this engaging session featured Executive Leaders from different parts of the organization, including Lucy Zarlengo, Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Stewart, Chief Customer Officer, and Madhav Nair, Chief Technology Officer.

During the live event, these leaders shared their experiences, company vision, and expertise about talent acquisition, the customer experience, recruitment technology, and product innovation. Each panelist highlighted their professional journey, discussing defining career moments and sharing valuable advice for attendees. 

Here, we highlight key insights from the discussion and recap some of the moments featured during this session. 


Talent Acquisition Challenges and Insights

Katie and Lucy discussed multiple topics within the current talent acquisition landscape, including analyst insights, Employ data, and everyday challenges facing recruiting professionals. 

Lucy highlighted the most pressing challenges based on data from the Employ Recruiter Nation Report and shared strategies to improve candidate quality and speed up the hiring process, including embracing scalability, technology optimization, and data-driven decision making. 

Katie and Lucy also discussed the Employ brand and the company’s vision to more clearly build out an overarching brand that is relevant to the experiences of customers, aligned with each product line, differentiated in the market, and supported by research. 

View Lucy Zarlengo, Chief Marketing Officer, discuss challenges and insights around the current talent acquisition landscape. 

Elevating the Lever Customer Experience

When Chris Stewart, Chief Customer Officer, joined the organization in mid-2023, he began by going on an in-depth customer listening tour,

According to Chris, “I spent a lot of time with customers across all of Employ’s product lines and a lot of what I heard was thematic — to capitalize on the things we do well and to focus on improving perceived gaps of customer support and regular interactions.” 

Chris discussed the importance of orchestrating the behind-the-scenes interactions and making sure the moments of truth for customers are solid when they need us. 

The conversation also turned to ensuring greater information and self-service capabilities, offering insightful benchmarking, and creating a community platform for customers this year, where they can interact and engage in knowledge sharing. 

Chris also highlighted how essential it is for recruiting teams to convey the value and impact of their talent acquisition efforts and align them to business outcomes. Take a look at this video highlight below.

Product Strategy Focus Areas

The conversation between Katie and Madhav Nair, Chief Technology Officer, focused on the value of feedback in shaping product strategy. Madhav shared his vision for creating a destination where customers can connect and share experiences. 

He also emphasized the importance of ensuring innovation is an everyday commitment to product development. “First, we believe innovation happens everywhere within the company, and it’s not just limited to the research and development teams. But doing this in a sustained manner and ensuring innovation is part of everyday development, that’s what I’m really passionate about.” 

Madhav and Katie also discussed high-level product focus areas this year and examined where investments are being made to enhance and optimize the customer experience for the year ahead. 

View Madhav Nair, Chief Technology Officer, discussing the importance of customer feedback in product strategy. 

Excitement for What’s Next 

Employ is grateful for the opportunity to serve customers and to meet their needs through leading-edge recruitment technology.

Our Leadership Team firmly believes in open communication, prioritizing customer feedback, and continuous improvement. And they are energized by the commitment to help customers drive recruiting outcomes and align talent acquisition strategies to business success. 

The Lever Customer Town Hall concluded with each Executive Leader reiterating their excitement for the year ahead. Lucy, Chris, and Madhav reinforced their commitment to customer growth and success.

We appreciate those customers who took time to join us during this session and look forward to the next time we can connect, meet you in person, and join together again during our next Lever Customer Town Hall.