Jobvite Standard Support Schedule

This Jobvite Standard Support Schedule for Jobvite Services (“Support Schedule”) is entered as of the Order Form Effective Date and is governed by and made a part of the Agreement between Customer and Employ, Inc (“Employ” or “Jobvite”). In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Support Schedule and the terms of the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement will prevail. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein will have the same meaning as in the Agreement.

This Support Schedule was last updated January 3, 2023. Employ reserves the right to periodically modify this Support Schedule to reflect current support practices, and such modification will automatically become effective in the next Service Term.

Customer Support Services Procedure.

Named Support Contacts. Customer shall provide Jobvite with the contact information of named support contacts (“Named Support Contacts”) who shall be responsible for making support requests on Customer’s behalf. Jobvite shall provide support services to Customer through the Named Support Contacts.

1.1 Manner of Making Support Requests. Named Support Contacts shall make support requests by emailing Jobvite’s support email address, calling Jobvite’s support telephone number, or logging a support request on Jobvite’s support website.

1.2 Jobvite Support Website. Jobvite’s support website can be used to locate support hours and contact information, and to log support requests.

1.3 Administrator and Developer Support Requests. Administrator support requests and developer support requests that are sent to Jobvite in accordance with Section 1.2 during Jobvite’s business hours will be replied to within 4 business hours. If such support requests are received after business hours they will be replied to by 12:00 p.m. ET on the next business day.

1.4 Error Support Requests. Error Support Requests create cases that are responded to in accordance with the severity level that is assigned to them.

Initial Assignment of Severity Level. Customer may initially provide input as to the Severity Level of an Error Support Request. If no Severity Level is initially provided by Customer the Severity Level will be deemed to be Level 4. The Customer shall provide sufficient information to allow Jobvite to establish the symptoms, software version environment, involved data and steps required to reproduce the problem.

1.5 Setting of Severity Level. The initial Severity Level assigned is subject to review by the assessing Jobvite Support Specialist. The Severity Level is determined by the Jobvite Support Specialist and shall be set in a reasonable manner, guided by the Severity Level descriptions below. Jobvite’s determination of the Severity Level is final.

Verification of Error Support Case. Jobvite must be able to reproduce the reported event underlying the Error Support Case. Customer shall cooperate with Jobvite in reproducing and investigating the circumstances leading to the reported event. Should the reported event be unable to be reproduced by Jobvite and Customer, the Error Support Case will be closed and Jobvite shall notify Customer of such closing.

1.6 Misidentified Error Support Requests. Administrator or Developer Support Requests that are mistakenly identified as Error Support Requests will be re-designated appropriately. Error Support Requests that are out of scope shall be closed by Jobvite.

Revision of Severity Level. Jobvite may on investigation reasonably change the Severity Level of an Error Support Case following review and investigation of the reported event to match the Severity Level description below and shall notify Customer of such change.

Customer Update Communications. Jobvite shall make reasonable efforts to communicate with Customer with the frequency described in the table below.

Customer Obligations to Assist Resolution of an Error Support Case. Customer must make available to Jobvite information and Customer technical support staff as reasonably required by Jobvite to diagnose, identify, resolve, and confirm resolution of an Error Support Case. The resolution targets are specifically dependent on Customer fulfilling this obligation.

Customer Requested Escalation Procedures. Customer may, should Jobvite fail to follow the communication targets or if Customer has other reasonable concerns about a case, escalate a case to Customer’s Account Manager or Jobvite’s vice president responsible for Customer service.

2. Error Support Service Levels

Severity Description
Initial Response
Communication Frequency
Jobvite Expectation
Jobvite Expectation
Level 1 Any Error Support Case wherein the use of the Jobvite Software or any major function for its intended purpose is prevented Immediate (requires Customer to submit case by telephone 2 hours At least once every 1 business hour unless Customer owns next steps Continuous work to resolve as soon as commercially reasonable 24 hours following verification of the error by Jobvite. A workaround may be provided to achieve this goal. If a workaround is provided, a permanent solution will be provided in 60 days.
Level 2 Any Error Support Case wherein the use of the Jobvite Software or any major function for its intended purpose is seriously impaired, but not prevented 1 hour 4 hours At least once every 4 business hours unless Customer owns next steps 24 hours following verification of the Error by Jobvite. 96 hours following verification of the error by Jobvite. A workaround may be provided to achieve this goal. If a workaround is provided, a permanent solution will be provided in 90 days.
Level 3 Any Error Support Case wherein the use of the Jobvite Software, in whole or in part, for its intended purpose, suffers a minor impairment 4 business hours 1 business day At least once every 1 business week until Customer owns next steps. Communication will stop once resolution is scheduled into a specific release date. 4 months N/A
Level 4 Any Error Support Case wherein the Jobvite Software, in whole or in part, is affected in a trivial or cosmetic manner. 1 business day 3 business days On request from Customer 12 months; however, error is reviewed during the Jobvite software development process to set its priority for resolution and discussed with Customer at service review meetings along with all other service request items. N/A


2.1 Examples of Severity Level 1 Errors are:

All Customer end users unable to log into the Jobvite Software;

2.2 All Candidates unable to complete job application process in the Jobvite Software;

2.3 The Jobvite Software is unavailable.

2.4 Examples of Severity Level 2 Errors are:

2.5 Newly created jobs do not appear in a career site website in the appropriate timeframe;

2.6 Diversity questions do not appear as designed in an application process;

2.7 Video interviewing function is not available;

2.8 Boolean searching is not available in the Jobvite Software;

2.9 Social media is not available as designed in the Jobvite Software;

2.10 Unable to change the job list in a career site website

2.11 Approval routing for a job is not functioning;

2.12 Unable to edit multiple candidate records.

2.13 Examples of Severity Level 3 Errors are:

2.14 A supported browser version is no longer functional in the Jobvite Software however other browsers are functional;

2.15 Unable to change specific data elements in a career site website;

2.16 Recruiters unable to manually upload candidates to the Jobvite Software;

2.17 Unable to edit a single candidate record.

2.18 Examples of Severity Level 4 Errors are:

2.19 Singular spelling error in an administrative menu;

2.20 Web page not rendered perfectly but is usable;

Scrolling issues in pages but does not compromise any usability requirements.

Jobvite Software Characteristics that are not Errors. The Jobvite Software includes attributes that are not errors as defined above. They include: resume data extraction and identification errors related to a single resume; non-availability of third-party connected services (third-party does not include subcontractors to Jobvite) as a result of changes to interfaces made by such third-parties (for such issues, Jobvite shall make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue caused by the third-party with the third-party’s cooperation) or service interruptions under the control of such third-parties; non-availability of Customer systems and applications under the control of Customer or Customer’s suppliers, changes and modifications by the third party to its application programming interface resulting in diminished functionality of the integration to the Jobvite Software; and functionality that is not part of the documented functionality of the Jobvite Software; non-notified changes related to patches to operating system environments or ATS software (not including changes to ATS configuration, fields, or other items affecting the Jobvite Software’s integration to the ATS) (Customer is expected to log a Developer Support Request 7 days in advance of the change so that it may be reviewed by Jobvite or 24 hours in advance if the change is a critical security patch).

3. Issues not Covered by Support. The following available services are not included in Jobvite’s standard support offering.

3.1 End User Support Requests.

Customer integrations and related programing in or issues with the configuration of the Customer’s ERP or HR Information System (e.g., iCIMS, Peoplesoft, iRec, Oracle, Taleo, SuccessFactors, Workday, Infor) or other third-party software (other than changes to the ERP software by the ERP manufacturer which render the integration to the Jobvite Software unusable) except at an additional fee to be agreed upon through a new Order.

3.2 Talent Generation Program Consulting.

3.3 Training Services except at an additional fee to be agreed upon through a new Order.

Any disruption of the internet between the Jobvite Software and the Customer.

Any configuration changes made to Customer software that disrupts the connection between Jobvite’s integrator and the Customer software.

3.4 Provision of any content to the Jobvite Software.

3.5 Interconnections between the Jobvite Software and third-party services (for example job boards) and the results of requests made of third-party services through the Jobvite Software.